Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Teenage Compassion

When I looked into your eyes
You saw the tears in mine
And I beheld in yours
An unfamiliar shine
As my gaze dropped
To the floor
For I had never seen
You look at me like that before
…with compassion
Yes, my dear
I guess it's true,
Sometimes mothers
Need to cry too



  1. So tender. Fathers cry too sometimes. I know.

  2. There is a moment when a child, whatever the age, understands a parent is a human with human feelings. It's then they begin to grow up.

  3. Keith,yes I fathers cry too. Sometimes it is love's truest words.

    Mike, why is it that we try so hard to appear 'tough', when at times I think they are glad to realize we also are vulnerable humans and believe it or not, quite normal?


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