Thursday, August 31, 2017

Poetry For Eyes

Life leaves little allowance these end-of-August days
 for longing's Muse to pen her dues....
of beautiful bittersweet!
 But Her whole gallery is free for Beholding...

Nature’s color-palette nurtures hungry eyes
Like a soulful ballad set against blue skies
Mountain-ash spills garnet, ditch spills goldenrod
Hillside spills a garden wild with lily-laud

Tug of heart and soul, oh, morning spills new day
Heaping girth of earth so, with beauty’s buffet
God’s artwork is awesome, orchards swathed in mist
Cradle in a blossom, harvest’s catalyst

Free four-season canvas hung north-south-east-west
Gallery of gladness thrills the mortal breast
Stunning sweeps of summer, flaming fronds of fall
Whitewashed worlds of winter, sweet spring’s budding shawl

Tracery of treetops etched on eventide
Pretty petal pit-stops halt Hurry mid-stride
Periwinkle twinkles, diamond-dazzled dawn
Peach-pink-purple pimpernel, leaf embellished lawn

Perpetual wonder, look ah, look again
Subliminal splendor mantles moor and main
Gentle is its granting, gentle its demise
Nature’s Author painting poetry for eyes

© Janet Martin


  1. Your poetry is ever moving and wonderful to read. Your photos are winsome beauties to be behold.

    Had to tell you your line 'Mountain-ash spills garnet' popped out for me because that's exactly what our mountain ash looks like this summer -- its branches bowing to the ground from the weighty bunches of red, red berries.

    Wishing you a pleasant long weekend, Janet.
    Brenda xox

    1. thank-you SO much was the mountain-ash that inspired this whole poem! they are especially brilliant and fruited this year!

      Wishing you a wonder-full long weekend as well!

  2. Inspired writing laced with examples of the Divine painting.


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