Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Frames of Mind

This fellow(grandson Brantley)
 fills frames of mind with pure contentment...and tender concern;-)

Thought fills our frames of mind with ilk
Of daily grind and day-dream silk
It paints beyond the half-shut eye
Vistas that spawn a drawn-out sigh
Where what we have-had-hope-to-find
Tints that which fills our frames of mind

Tell me; what notions do you choose?
The haberdashery of Muse
Can advertise through lies and schemes
That which jeopardizes hope’s dreams
Where thought, invisible, can blind
Us to the truth in frames of mind

We ought to weigh thought and its worth
Before we let its 'yes' give birth
And spill into full view the art  
That we perceived ‘hid in the heart’
Where touch and taste is first designed
By pictures set in frames of mind

© Janet Martin

My sister Carolyn is a new first time Grandma!
Gary and Carolyn's son and daughter-in-law are proud parents of a baby boy!
Congratulations, little sister, as you embrace this delightful role.


  1. Beautiful- your poem and the bab!

    1. He is preciousness personified...of course, as are ALL wee babs in the world:)

  2. Great picture and thoughts. Thank you.

  3. Ohhhh, that baby is too sweet for words. Adorable and precious. So glad you let us see this sweet gift to your family.


    1. I try not to do baby-overload but seriously, babies help us keep smiling when life can be otherwise stressful and troubled!


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