Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Travel Instructions... #2

Walk slow…this come and go affair of care-worn wake and sleep surprise
Is hewn where petal-bliss is strewn ‘neath heath of blue cloud-flowered skies
Look deep…into the heart of lilied art; God’s dew-gem diadem
Deserves more than a passive glance and dance on earth’s bedazzled hem

Listen… a christened orchestra conducted imperceptibly 
Spills warbler trills and leafy zephyr sighs in perfect harmony

Touch soft…the croft of season that soon gathers in time's ordained due
Pity the passenger that while reaching, misses the present view
Let go…though tears flow for the soul-sweet 'oh' that stole our very breath
Walk slow, look deep, listen, touch soft then let go…such is life to death

© Janet Martin

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