Thursday, August 10, 2017

Of Ties and Sighs That Bind...

Sometimes when looking back at fond, old photographs it seems
As if those precious days gone by are strange and distant dreams
The sickle that fells days and weeks, with naught but moment-spheres
Lays on the landscape of soft thought a world of yesteryears

The hunger of an hour soon devours its ado
It sweeps from deeps to heap love’s tray with gray or gold and blue
Then, in the twinkle of an eye the smith of smiles and tears
Melds high and low of joy and woe to tender yesteryears

…and in the middle of a moment, rife with life and death
Sometimes a bittersweet torment of longing steals my breath
Youth's callow bliss of hug and kiss with turn and twist adheres
To tug-of-heart-and-soul with boys and girls of yesteryears

Gentle, the blush of breaking day brushes the night awry
Upon the brink of new today Time meets the roving eye
To pave earth’s street of graves with heaven-gold where Mercy cheers
And fills the cup we hold with that which succours yesteryears

We are not here to mope and mourn, but make the most of Now
Beneath the rose and thorn of life and love we reach and bow
Where somehow none can tell us what we all must learn, my dears
Each season is a gift that all too swift binds yesteryears

© Janet Martin


  1. I know what you mean..Those pics are adorable and your garden looks great!Lucy~

    1. a funny story with those pics...Jack, after begging to spray beets found washing the air with diamond-dots or teasing his sister with water was FAR more exciting. I asked little sister if she sat in something wet(note dark pink back of skirt:) and she replied with a resigned tone of I say-this-all-the-time, 'no, Jack did it':))

  2. thank-you...the garden is doing well except for the spindly corn at the far end.And the squash that came up on its own...I was expecting spaghetti or acorn squash because that's what I planted last year...I forgot about the little ornamental squashes I threw out before Christmas! They're pretty but NOT edible so that is the biggest disappointment in my garden this year. Still lots to learn even after over 30 years of gardening! Last year my surprise plant was honey-dew melon. That's why i left these 'volunteer' vines to grow where they sprouted, hoping it would be a yummy fruit or veg. Oh well:)

  3. Ha ha .. That's true..always learning...!!
    I remember Luella saying so aptly..'One of the greatest mistakes you can make as a gardener is to think that you are in charge.." I know you know as well as I do that in life or gardening we are not in charge at all... We tend cultivate and release all to the Master gardener...

    1. h-m-m, me feels A Master Gardener poem niggling;-)


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