Saturday, August 19, 2017

In Lieu of Task To-do ...

Today I'm trying to ignore this to-do list...(except the last thing:)

...for more of this...

Fill blank windowsills with flowers,
Let to-do lists idly sit
Soft, soft, summer doffed of hours
Drains to eons echo-lit

Lie beneath the beaming leaf-bough
Wander lanes with plumed pit-stops
Climb to heaven in a hay-mow
Or a wild-grass strummed hilltop

Drive without a destination
Run, but only if you must
Make Today a celebration
Of what morrow turns to dust

Drink the ink that poets plunder
Do not blink, oh, there it goes
Summer murmurs, spilling wonder
Like pink petals from a rose

Hesitate where barred gates beckon
Trespass; then plead pardon’s grace
Disturb lane-ways lush with bracken
Blue-strife, aster, Queen Ann’s Lace

Soon this berth of blooming bowers
Strips earth’s loom of petal-stars
Leaving in the wake of flowers
Winter’s ache of empty jars

© Janet Martin

But THIS...has a mind of its own!
Just went to choose a juicy snack and there are a whole lot of 'juicy snacks' to choose from!


  1. What a beautiful post

  2. thank-you:) ripe peaches preserved,floors mopped, rooms dusted, a few main windows cleaned, it was a beautiful day!... in spite of rain making for a challenging laundry day and no lawn mowing or lying 'beneath the beaming boughs'...oh well, maybe next week. Sunday is a rest and worship day. PTL!


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