Wednesday, August 30, 2017


 It's all things end-of-summer...
thinking of and praying for those in Houston who would love the luxury of an ordinary day!

It drains the cup of lilies dry
A sentimental roar
That strums the leaf with lullaby
Until it is no more

It plays upon our gaze a song
Of green-gold-russet days
Until it fades into so-long
An echo-laden haze

Pageantry of plant, till and reap
Of dawn to dusk adieu
Of winnowing the wooded steep
Until the sky spills through

It aches in wakes of settled dust
It tousles tasseled things
It makes us more aware of Must
And its anointed wings

It runs its course of cricket tune
It stuns its fields with frost
And suns the honeyed afternoon
With more than moments lost

It fills the fist with gifted mist
It gleams from fruited jars
And falls to faces softly kissed
With farewell’s silver stars

© Janet Martin


  1. May these gifts be given to all and may they be thankful for them.

  2. This is beautiful


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