Monday, August 7, 2017

Like Roses From God (are His promises) Sympathy or Encouragement Card poem

My grace is sufficient for thee(2 Cor.12:9)
Help-Refuge, ever near(Ps.46:1)
To them that are of broken heart
And contrite spirit’s tear(Ps.34:18)

I send a Comforter(John 14:16)
To heal sorrow’s heartache
To all who call upon my name
I never will forsake (Ps.145:18,Deut.31:6)

Wonderful Counsellor(Isa.9:6)
I, Jesus Christ the Same(Heb.13:8)
A father full of pity for
Each one who fears My name(Ps.103:13)

My peace I give to you(John 14:27)
Come, I will give respite(Matt.11:28)
Fear not, my child, be not dismayed(Isa.41:10)
You walk by faith, not sight(2 Cor.5:7)

Love bears, believes, endures
And love will never fail (1 Cor.13:7-8)
I, merciful and rich in love
Though grief comes, will prevail(Lam.3:32)

Great is My faithfulness(Lam.3:23)
I, Father, Shepherd, Friend(2 Cor.6:18, Ps.23:1,John 15:15)
I, in the midst of trouble’s woe
Will strengthen, save, defend (Ps. 138:7)

An answer in your mouth
My Word, thy faultless trust(Ps.119:42)
Lamp to thy feet, Light to thy path(Ps.119:105)
A Rock, righteous and just(Deut.32:4)

The God of all comfort(2 Cor.1:3)
My rod and staff to cheer(Ps 23.4)
My grace is sufficient for thee(2 Cor.12:9)
Fear not, for I am near(Isa.41:10)

© Janet Martin


  1. Very impressive!

    1. ...and this barely the beginning of the beginning of the assurances from Him!


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