Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Travel Instructions

This forward-journey that we tread 
Is affixed betwixt future-past
Into dusk’s urn day’s husk is cast
As on yon arc starred dark is spread

How deftly Unknown to Known melds
Its common unveiling becomes
The latest in past’s greatest sums
Of, what at morn was yet withheld

Daylight will soon attune applause
With what will soon be retrospect
How soft the wisps that intersect
To cement what will be to ‘was’

Beyond this sight-rebellious way
God moves His love’s mysterious will
To draw our gaze up, up until
We fall down on our knees and pray

Life’s hurt that hones hope’s legacy
Tests man’s impetuous desires
Where fragile circumstance requires
Faith in far more than we can see

Dismay and doubt conspire, it seems
To trip us up or keep us down
God floods life’s way to heaven’s crown
With Mercy’s unquenchable streams

This journey through, not to the grave
Commands surrender to gain strength
Where neither height, depth, breadth or length
Can curb God’s love, mighty to save

Then trust in He who scores this sod
With more than mist-anointed mile
Where fear’s uncertainty will rile
All but the heart whose hope is God

© Janet Martin

To find God's love we first need to find God.
To find God we first need to find His Word.
To find His Word we must look in the Holy Bible 

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