Thursday, August 3, 2017

May This Day...

May this day be like a highway
Leading to the sick and poor
Rather than a feckless my-way
Filled with lust for more and more

May this day be like a garden
Where we tend the tender root
Before harvest proves the hidden
Bent with visage of full fruit

May this day be like a chapel
Wall of wind and roof of sky
May we be a humble people
Singing songs to God on high

May this day be like a window
Facing north, south, east and west
Framing, in the wake of it, oh
By the grace of God, our best

May this day be like a front line
Where we war for Heaven’s gain
Knowing, though sight veils sweet Zion
Our fight is not in vain

May this day be like an altar
Where we burn idols of stone
As we make the heart a Psalter
Of worship to God alone

© Janet Martin

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