Friday, August 4, 2017

Simple-Soul Sonata

A glimpse at simple gladness that fill busy everyday with awesome wonder!

How lovely are life’s simple things
Its treasure spills from earthy troves
And grants its wealth to toiling kings
In butterfly and flower groves

How precious are life’s simple gifts
The clink of coin can never buy
The lilt of lark, the dark that shifts
The glory of a sunset sky

How priceless are life’s simple joys
They come in common shape and size
Of laughing, learning girls and boys
Of book-tea-shade-tree paradise

The scent as summer rain splats dust
The love of family and friend
Heart-hearths kindled with hope and trust
As fond farewells and hellos blend

A window warmed with flower-jars
An hour here or there, care free
To stroll a knoll of wild-bloom stars
Or loll beneath noon’s blue-sky sea

A poem penned by ink or spree
Of humble tumble-weed, a fence-
line fit for finest royalty
Festooned in nature's innocence
How fully fair life’s simple Best
A puddle full of golden sun
And for the one who knows God, rest
And heaven when this life is done

© Janet Martin

 The LORD is good to all: and his tender mercies are over all his works.
Psalm 145:9


  1. "That ye may be harmless and simple, irreproachable children of God".

    Grace be with you

  2. Delightful. The photos and poem are a beautiful pairing. It truly is a remarkable and wonderful world by a wonderful and remarkable God.

    1. ...and wonderful to be wonder-struck over and over. Pray we never lose the wonder that stirs true worship!
      Nice to 'see' you again:)

  3. And the most blessed are the eyes which see.

    1. :)...simply, yes. thank-you for reading and your kind words, as always!

  4. What a beautiful garden you have ... those clouds of colour along your driveway are wonderful!

    1. my kitchen window faces this flower-border and this time of year offers much opportunity for admiration and thankfulness to our Creator for harvest to bring in and flowers to look at as we preserve the fruit of the garden!

  5. PS ... Congrats on being award the top 25 Poetry Blog! I'm so glad!


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