Wednesday, August 9, 2017

How's Your Who-What-For and Why?...(and latest Dave update)

A jumble of thoughts and prayers stirred this poem. I came to this conclusion;
No matter what we are dealing with, if our motive is for anything/One other than God,
we've got a problem! 

Do not boast about tomorrow,
    for you do not know what a day may bring.

We do not know what waits to be;
We only know Who knows our heart
And its intent; humility
And human traits are worlds apart

The who-what-for defines the why
The eye is easy to deceive
Until we learn the Truth of lie
The hour that we first believe

If not for God then who-what-for?
What merit mentors word or deed
The eye, a wily troubadour
Is prone to pride and wanton greed

…and without God to guide and keep
Ah, we are like ships lost at sea
Until we learn to trust the lead
Of He who stirs humility

We do not know what waits to be
But this we do; God holds the door
Where Now leads to eternity's
Awesome, Awesome Forevermore

…then we should bow most earnest hearts
To what we hear, so what we do
Will not be for life’s lesser lords
But for He who loves me and you

 When life’s last breath dies on Time’s air
To seal Now's heel-toe tromp on sod
Pray, with humility prepare
Where this who-what-for leads to God

© Janet Martin

Here is the latest update from Karen, Dave's wife, on my brother Dave, who fell from a roof at the end of June...

Hi Everyone,
Well some good news! Dave is starting to be able to use his left shoulder/arm a bit more; he is beginning to be able to lift it a little. Tomorrow we go for the ultrasound to see if anything is torn in there. Hopefully it was just from the broken collarbone. Today was our first day in Elmira for physio. Dave is still having a hard time sitting- the chair has to be able to lean back. Dave has tried eating at the kitchen table but always ends back in his recliner-chair. It is hard to watch. I can see he wants to but it is difficult for him to use his arms and the chair just bothers him too much. I had to laugh today in Elmira. He was trying to fill out the forms but I could see that he was having a hard time, trying to hold the clip board and the chair was too straight. I am not sure what the question was but he looked at me and asked which he should answer; unable to work or something else. I laughed ‘you can’t fill in a form but you think you can swing a hammer!’ The secretary also had a good laugh. He really wants to get back to work.--days are getting long and boring. On Saturday we went to a family Reunion for lunch, which he enjoyed but it wore him right out. He came home and slept, got up long enough to eat and then was in bed for the night at 8:30. Please continue to pray for patience and healing.
Thank-you so much

Sidenote; The stress of Time it takes to heal can take a daily toll even while counting blessings. Please pray for them in these day-to-day challenges, that they may be gracious  and pray God keeps blessing Karen with her beautiful sense of seeing humor even in the hard stuff!

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