Monday, August 14, 2017

In Case We Forget and Become Anxious...

Salvation’s helmet, Spirit’s sword
The belt of truth, the shield of faith
Feet shod with the gospel of grace
Let righteousness be your breastplate
With prayer prepare for day-in-wait
Then raise your voice with mercy’s boasts
Rejoice and praise the Lord of hosts

For He our debt of guilt forgave
Redemption seals the sin-cursed grave
He died so when we die we live
Beneath hate’s nails love cried ‘forgive’
And pardoned with His blood the debt
That doomed us to eternal death
Then, for the loss that paid sin’s price
Take up your cross of sacrifice

And what we do not know He knows
God bestows peace to hearts that trust
And hallelujah hymns where dust-
To-dust is not a hopeless chase
But prelude to that face-to-face
Where grace our reckoning secures
Through faith in He whose Word endures

© Janet Martin


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