Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Ambient Allegience and Dave update and Happy August!!

The combines have begun humming...

the harvest has begun and golden, waving vistas are about to disappear into the steel jaws of Past

We hailed the hold of budded boon
Of mossy trail with violets strewn
Where wooded grail restored the tune
Of maple-linnet bower
The color-wheel of nature bled
Beneath, around and overhead
As earth Her somber mantle shed
For fairer frocks of flower

Don shrouds ablaze with golden sheen
In days where thrill of May had been
We sense a soft undoing
Like innocence of youthful bride
Succumbing to time’s stringent stride
And currents in a wresting tide
Of elemental wooing

A curtain falls across the place
Where mothers call and children race
Through doors that cannot bar the chase
Of summer’s fading beauty
While farmers bear the harvest home
And dreamers stare across the loam
That hearkens to a metronome
Of adamant entreaty

…and then the halo of new morn
Silvers with frost stark stalks of corn
And what we thought was quite new-born
Is brittle, bent and weathered
The sweep of countryside is still
Stolid, the line twixt sky and hill
Where we bear witness to the will
Of breath by breath untethered

© Janet Martin 

On Sunday evening Jim and I visited with Dave and Karen for a little while. Although he is feeling much better in some areas, his arms above his elbow/shoulders are still not healing properly so they plan to do more x-rays to see what is going on. 
They deeply appreciate your continued prayers for healing and for much-needed patience for everyone! 
Dave, summer-lover!!! is watching it slip away and though I KNOW he counts his blessings(it could have been SO much worse) he struggles with bouts of restlessness as he thinks of things he wishes he would be able to do!
So, again, please keep praying!
p.s. I was glad to hear his hearty laughter is back and his deep love for the Toronto Blue Jays has not suffered a bit;-)

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  1. Wonderfully woven blessing of life.
    Thank you for this update on Dave.


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