Saturday, August 5, 2017

Midnight's Rose

There is a bloom that blithely blows
Upon grief’s tomb called Midnight Rose
Dearest by far its fragile form
Beams like a star through sorrow’s storm

It soothes the prick of thorny stem
With ruby-tinted diadem
As echoes from fond days asleep
Return to bloom on midnight’s deep

The air can wear the soul-sweet scent
Where flowered hours came and went
The night is filled with soundless sound
As petals strew Thought’s hallowed ground

Tears cannot wash lost smiles away
Or drown the crown of yesterday
Where oft, softly they reappear
As Midnight Roses draw them near

…and almost we can feel their touch
And presence that we miss so much
Midnight, where rambling roses nod
Cupped in the faithful hand of God

The faithful hand of God, ah this
Is where the crux of comfort IS
With love His compassion bestows
To midnight’s loneliness, a rose

Then pray that nobody forgets
The Bloom that here and now begets
Where, who knows when, its Echo blows
Across the tomb of Midnight’s Rose

© Janet Martin


  1. A stunningly expressed verse

    1. thank-you. These rose and midnight poems were written by request for a sister:) I have no idea which one she will use...if any:)to put in a thinking of you card to someone who lost a loved one a year ago.


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