Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Assure Me With More Than Kisses

The best way to prove how much we love those we love best 
is to love the best we can, 
everyone else! 

Assure me with more than kisses
And pet names
Or, ‘I love ya’ so’
It might sound cold
My darling
But I need more to know…

Assure me with more than hugs, oh
They are nice
And they warm the heart
But I need more than
Hug and kiss
To cheer when we’re apart

Assure me with more than roses
Love needs proof,
Like a second mile
Like a prayer
Between you and God
Reflected in your smile

Assure me with gentle gesture
To everyone
That you meet
Does not choose its lovers
It washes everyone’s feet

Don’t worship me with whispers
Or handle me
With kid-gloves
Unless we are
Quite clear, my dear
On the order of our loves

I hate to sound greedy or thankless
But love is
A dominant thirst
Reciprocation to
Someone who loved us first

Assure me with words of wisdom
And canons
Kind and true
Darling, tis a modest language
That utters
‘I love you’

Assure me with more than kisses
Though they are precious,
I admit
But love needs
More than kisses
To prove the full of it

© Janet Martin

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