Saturday, August 5, 2017

Roses at Midnight

How precious were those moments
How dear the common hour
Like buds that gently opened
Into petals of a flower

Love’s laughter was like sunshine
It’s suff’ring like the rain
Its seasons like the rose and thorn
Of life’s pleasure and pain

How hardly we had held them
Before they fell away
Rose petals on a garden
In a world of yesterday

And where there had been laughter
Where rafters rang with cheer
It seemed that ever after
Surely love would wear a tear

The bough of bloom was broken
The loom of gladness rent
Where sorrow was love’s token
Of a lifetime fully spent

But God, so rich in mercy
From petals grace bestows
Stirs from love’s tender mem’ry
The beauty of a rose

From folds of sweetest fragrance
When night is dark and still
The power of mere moments
Performs a miracle

What precious, precious comfort
Fond memories can impart
As roses bloom at midnight
In gardens of the heart

 Janet Martin

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