Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Master of Mindset

You slip through us and trip us up or guide the seeking heart
You turn us to the right or left, build up or tear apart
And no one is invincible; the world is full of you
Sometimes you are a liar; sometimes you are kind and true

You hide in smiles and words, in scowls and howls of discontent
You ride on trains, in planes; you wear a worker’s filament
Or sometimes you are fat and lazy and talk far too much
And no one is immune to you and your designing touch

You play with thought as if it were a hapless, harmless toy
And fill the mind and heart with that which hand will soon employ
Therefore the wise will seek to define you and test your goal
The foolish are swayed by your wind and heedless of the soul

The way you are will shape the way we are or hope to be
You hide behind ten thousand names, both foe and family
For better or for worse you veil most certain recompense
A blessing or a curse, you immerse us in Influence

© Janet Martin

I'm struck anew as I watch Grandson Brantley absorb his surroundings, at how powerful Influence is.
It begins long before we become aware of it;
in family, then friends, schools, books, music, movies, churches,workplaces, etc.
Wherever we go, there it is!
What kind of influence do we allow to influence us as we influence those about us? 
Reminds me of this quote; More is caught than taught

Emily took these photos the other day to celebrate 7 months of Brantley!

 No wonder the author of this hymn was moved to pen these words...

My Soul, Be on Thy Guard
by George Heath
  1. My soul, be on thy guard,
    Ten thousand foes arise,
    And hosts of sin are pressing hard
    To draw thee from the skies.
  2. Oh, watch, and fight, and pray,
    The battle ne’er give o’er,
    Renew it boldly every day,
    And help divine implore.
  3. Ne’er think the vict’ry won,
    Nor once at ease sit down;
    Thine arduous work will not be done
    Till thou hast got the crown.
  4. Fight on, my soul, till death
    Shall bring thee to thy God;
    He’ll take thee at thy parting breath
    Up to His blest abode.


  1. Wonderful/beautiful and well put. Brantley is priceless.

  2. Thank-you Martin. he is priceless indeed. A real heart-stealer:)the joy of our lives!


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