Tuesday, August 29, 2017

A Ridge of Blue-veiled Hills Appears...

 What has been will be again, 
what has been done will be done again; 
there is nothing new under the sun.

A ridge of blue-veiled hills appears
Earth dons half-hues of blushing gray
As heaven dims far star-swept spheres
And fills the sill of night with Day
Morn moves us toward hope and trust
The dust that settled ‘neath our feet
Will soon be stirred where wanderlust
And moil of motley toil compete

Ah, everyone is caught between
What was and will be with what is
The Imminence of what has been
Begins each end with morning’s kiss
Where what was old is new again
And what is new will soon be old
As we are riled with the amen
Of gifted green and gathered gold

Soft amethyst of mist-kissed main
And benefits beyond our boast
Returns us to life’s Must again
Entrusted with Time’s uttermost
The Hand that feathers harvest-fields
And untethers Time’s virgin cast
Weathers with us, what each day yields
Yet does not bind us to the Past

We, thought-blighted and oft sight-blind
Misunderstand Hands scarred with nails
His mercy smites night’s murky spheres
To light the way for new day’s charge
A ridge of blue-veiled hills appears
Earth dons the hues of love at large

© Janet Martin


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