Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Tribute to Love

Happy 23rd Birthday, dear, beautiful daughter Melissa (with nephew Brantley)
We change and thus love changes growing ever meeker and deeper.
And just as it was when you were a baby, 

...love keeps astonishing us with awesome wonder.
We love you.
May God bless your journey!

Love keeps no polite distance
Though miles may hinder touch
As force of time’s insistence
Roars heedless through our clutch

The people who we are, dear
Must learn to hold-let-go
But love is never far, dear
It weathers ebb and flow

It is God’s wooing wonder
No heart and soul intact
Love's fulfillment and hunger
Poem cannot exact

How does one pen the yen, dear?
That bleeds as years unfold
And vexes travel-plans, dear
On roads to growing old

...they wind through hill and valley
 To leave behind meek awe
Love keeps no vengeful tally
Of wrong-doing or flaw
Its earnest exhortation
To hope and pray and trust
Is God’s kind invitation
To cheer our dust-to-dust

How wise and true this prescript
For as years coalesce
Love teaches us its secret
To humble happiness

Then, as Time’s nonresistance
Rearranges the view
Love keeps no polite distance
But runs us through and through

© Janet Martin   


  1. Congratulations!
    Wonderful pictures. And words of course, as always.

    1. :) thank-you. wow, it seems our family's birthdays happen SO close together!! Looking forward to a visit from her tomorrow.
      Today she is celebrating with friends(picnic in the park) near where she lives. I hope it won't rain all day!

    2. Hope it's a nice sunny picnic day!
      Have a wonderful day tomorrow, Janet.

  2. thank-you! I hope it's better weather in Toronto than here...we are having TORRENTIAL downpours! A good day for making homemade veggie soup to can...well, sort of. I'm waiting for the rain to slow so I can get the more carrots from the garden:)but fully loving this weather as you might remember;-)

    we need to catch up again sometime! I don't know where the time goes.

  3. Replies
    1. :) Thank-you. I think we are in the same season of love-lessons, huh?


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