Wednesday, March 11, 2015

While We're Still Learning Our Lines...

(Above scene from Anne of Green Gables; Matthew's Heart Attack)

 "Did I change quickly enough?" Victoria asks anxiously after the play last night...and suddenly I find myself asking the same question as I try to keep up with Time's scene-changes. It's hard to keep fingers from trembling as we slip from one costume to the next.

While we’re still learning our lines
The Director turns the page
And rearranges the stage
To scripts and scenes untried

Her gaze never flinches as she
Unbuttons the skin we are in
And we fumble with the half-grin
Of Her constant chivalry

She is suave, brave and bold
As She purveys Her motley cast
Caught somewhere twixt Future and Past
In costumes of Growing Old

The cloth of Her moments shapes
Triumph and failure’s disguise
It is hard to recognize
Clowns in choir-capes

…where the roles of Her interplays
Are ever subject to change
As we stutter over strange
Sudden and unlearned ways

And while hearts struggle to adjust
To the New, the curtain rises
To an audience of surprises
Waiting on chairs of dust

© Janet Martin

Why Ain't It Always Summer?


  1. What a finish! The last two lines are just magnificent, Janet.

    1. Thank-you Sasha. I'm a mish-mash of emotion today. Last night marked another 'last' in our life...last elementary-school operetta where our family is involved.such is this life...a series of stages.

      In Victoria's class there are a number of 'youngest-in-the-family'. we moms took a few moments to commiserate together;-)

  2. You nailed it! (again)

    Unbuttons the skin we are in,
    In costumes of Growing Old,
    It is hard to recognize <<<---
    Clowns in choir-capes <<<--- I really like this line
    Waiting on chairs of dust

    Peace J.

    1. TUG, thank-you so much for your visit and words. always appreciated!


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