Saturday, March 7, 2015


Come, kind and whistling wanderer and do not fade too fast
Ere on the palm of all-is-calm our give and take is cast
Summer-incognito, paradise and planned demand
Come, once-a-week companion, tug our toes into your sand

Now Laughter is a lark above white winter’s stormy sighs
And Worry is a glove we let slip to soft-lipped good-byes
Love’s Longing is the flavor of a long, slow cup of tea
Where Love is soft-rewarded every once-a-week by thee

Your center-folds are cereal-spilled and cinnamon-bun sweet
Your patrons are the people that fill Duty’s solemn seat
But once-a-week you tweak your expectations just a tad
And make allowances for happiness, Saturday-glad

© Janet Martin

Whether its a tea-party in the snow, a teeny shopping excursion, a new recipe or simply slow-syrupy pancakes Victoria and I try to add a 'Saturday-glad' to each one because Saturdays, after all, only come once-a-week! ;-))

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