Monday, March 9, 2015

Time's Song

The formal clock with tick-and tock still takes one by surprise
The old-time sun with mapped rerun still stuns the poet’s sighs
The ancient rays of time’s todays teaches old ways anew
Where none can keep the wonder-weep from yonder deep’s adieu

Darling, the farthing of an hour gathers in its wake
The greeting and the parting of love’s longing give and take
The heart cradles an art collection; who but us can see
The tincture of the pictures we hang in its gallery?

Adept denominator, operator smooth and sleek
Oh, cardinal of mortals, monumental moment-sweep
You kiss the brow of Here and Now with sorrow-joy’s freefall
And fill the rill of Past’s foothill with echoed madrigal

Time’s stumble-grumble-fumble keeps us humble as we go
But by God’s grace, this human race drinks mercy’s overflow
For none can hold the moment-gold of tick and tock for long
Save in the brave renewal and perusal of Time’s song

© Janet Martin

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