Friday, March 27, 2015


Soon green will gild the barren field
And gold, bold and unfettered
Will wash across colorless dross
As bud-springs are untethered

Soon earth will be reborn beneath
A sea of April’s showers
The hill we climbed a hundred times
Be fresh and new with flowers

At winter-set we will forget
How chill the ill wind blustered
Or how we craved noon well-behaved
‘Neath welkin, cloud-sheep clustered

Soon we will sit where zephyrs flit
Like butterflies o’er fallow
Twilight a chair of friendly air
To watch the swooping swallow

And soon the tune of May and June
Will croon in swooning arches
Where every limb is nature’s hymn
For when March moves, she marches

© Janet Martin

Can you believe its already near the end of March!?

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