Thursday, March 5, 2015

To Time's Passengers

 The above message is for each of us to take to heart every day...
from the movie The Help

The strict alarm-clock bites the air
And pushes progress into flight
Cloud-ships, unruffled by fan-fare
Sail stirring seas of first daylight
Time’s passengers, we, the people
Rouse and rise to face, who knows?
Duty and desire mingle
In euphoric highs and lows

Beck and call fills out new dockets
Purposed or not, we all reply
Some, for pennies in their pockets
Some, for dream-dust in their eye
Some become the king of dollars
Some, pure sunshine for the heart
We, the people, first-time scholars
All must learn to do our part

…and within our coming-going
Whether we see it or not
We touch others, oft not knowing
The full impact of spilled thought
We, the people, yon and hither
Should keep this one thing in mind
…how our splash of dash-and-dither
Affects those following behind

© Janet Martin

I've been pondering this line since reading it the other day...

 But at that moment I realized what may be the biggest tragedy of all—that we can always see the effect of this world upon us, but rarely the effect of us upon the world.

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