Friday, March 27, 2015

New Reasons To Be Thankful

When life with sundry care to bear
Gives more than we deem our just share
And when the letting go is hard
And leaves us feeling sorrow-jarred
When we question the ‘why’ of it
Or nurse vain self-pity a bit
When it is past we learn at last
New reasons to be thankful

And when over a cup of tea
We think of others’ misery
And how when life poured out its woe
They bore the More of grief, then oh,
We are quite humbled at this thought
Of how life’s obstacles have taught
Us sympathy and then we see
New reasons to be thankful

When disappointment’s stings subside
And we have swallowed our pride
When we with love fully forgive
Then we have learned to fully live
When we have turned the other cheek
Without revenge to seek or speak
But remain kind, then we will find
New reasons to be thankful

© Janet Martin

Happy Birthday, Lucy .
God bless you as you seek to serve Him and shine.
Wasn't it a happy tea-party?

We parted agreeing on this thought; challenges teach us new reasons to be thankful!


  1. Okay, now I am mess:) that is beautiful. One I will read a few times....
    Thank you so much.xo

    1. :) Seems I need to content myself with writing your B-day poems after the card is given:) Hugs(())


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