Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Dusk's Beatitude...

 The red-winged black-birds have returned to their summer-sanctuary, though it is still ice-encased. This bog was a master-piece, showcasing God's handiwork as the sun, soft and soundless slipped from sunset into sunrise somewhere on the other side of the world...

Now day lowers its bars
The rush of it subdued
Where Time's brush, flushed with stars
Dabs dusk's beatitude

...and what we didn't know
Where morning's gilded gong
Awoke Time's forward-flow
Well, God knew all along

Its mystery laid bare
This 'almost yesterday'
Is sealed from touch, save where
Nothing but thought can stray

Here on dusk's brink where pink
To gold, to blue runs rife
It causes one to think
About the wink called Life


This is sort of a sequel to this morning's post...and yes, dusk can testify to a few jobs completed including a re-finished desk:) sort-of...I think, after looking at it in pictures I'm going to tone it down a bit...I'm sort of mourning the fact that I covered that beautiful wood with this!!

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