Thursday, March 26, 2015

March Maître d’

Lovely sky-flower, 
Sweet solar-plume, 
You have the power 
To set hearts a-bloom!

She is able to beguile
Even misers by Her smile

Weather-forecasters would be hated, I fear
If ever She chose to disappear

(I have heard people rant at the weatherman when the sun has not made an appearance for a while , and he had to remind them that he is merely the messenger and has no power over Her;)

It's Weekly  Wikem-time . Wanna know what that is? See Definition here, then play, won't you?

The Sun is by far the brightest object in the sky; Wikipedia

You wake the world with gold, behold
Another day begins, and we
Seem cheerier somehow, all told
When kissed by heaven’s maître d’

You warm the brook and free its dance
Not with a rough-neck yank and kick
But with caresses you romance
Winter with winsome limerick

…and on the pond where skaters twirled
And whirled while you watched from afar
You reach from some strange outer world
To splash its sash with broken star

…where now the loafing dreamer lies
Reborn beneath your smile as you
Scrawl soft upon earth’s stirring sighs
The sprawling shadow, gray, not blue

…and those of more and middle years
Are suddenly much younger too
As they inhale your elixir
Then dare to dream a dream or two

…beneath you, world-wide super-star
As old as time, still you impress
Each generation, for you are
The maître d’ of happiness

© Janet Martin

Don't you love it when you think it's going to be a cloudy day and suddenly the sun breaks through in a grand Hallelujah Chorus?!


  1. I'm not a big fan of this word, but I cannot help saying it...WOW!
    What a glorious post.

    1. I thank-you:)

      I appreciate you finding the topic and all we need to do is go with it!!
      Such fun.

  2. Love the photos - love the words.

  3. I don't know which astounds me more, your words or your photographs. I have to admit that I came late to enjoying poetry. It was only when I began to read it as prose that I grew to love it, and I guess that's not the right way. I stumble along that way and love reading your lines, illustrated by your stunning pictures.

    1. thank-you Dewena,:) poetry comes in so many forms! thank-you for sharing the pleasure!! better late than never:)

      blessings to you.


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