Friday, March 13, 2015

Of Half-story Hollows

  So, my wikem is a day late because yesterday begged to be spent out-doors! Earth's tongue thawed and chattered like Anne of Green Gables so somebody needed to listen!

Story-telling: Stories or narratives have been shared in every culture as a means of entertainment, education, cultural preservation, and instilling moral values.wikipedia

It’s a vine’ they tell me
And laugh with glee
In this six-second attention-span

I prefer vines
Laden with bloom
A sweet, summer honey-bee

But this adjective-rejecting
Instagram generation
Is too distracted
For slow, star-sky rumination

…where it seems a looking-down
Has replaced all that real life
Has to tell

As half-story flashes
Dash on two-by-two screens
With no time for contemplation
On what it means

© Janet Martin

I worry sometimes about what will happen to a generation that seldom 'unplugs'...


  1. I think the trick is to be in charge, to show the technology who's boss. And with kids - teach by our own example, as well as do the 'tough love' when necessary, set rules and limits.
    Easier said than done, I know.

    Even though I'm very conservative myself (an iPhone I received a few years ago as a gift is still unpacked :-), I try to embrace technology, as long as it serves people and not the other way around.

    Hey, we wouldn't be able to blog without it :-)

    "A sweet, summer honey-bee
    Living-room" -

    I want to be there right now!

    1. yes, its like anything, if we don't rule it, it rules us. I try to set boundaries too, but even with that it is a different world today!
      I also do not have a cell-phone:-)
      but I do love the connections technology allows.

      It seems though, that story-telling is maybe not as common as it once was and not all the blame is on technology but some, I believe, is.

      Yesterday we got a glimpse of winter, at last yielding to honey-bee afternoons!

    2. It is a different world, it's overwhelming and can be quite disturbing. But I think we might see a comeback of storytelling in its best sense, not just in books, but in movies; a return to the old classic forms..I think there'll be a need for that.

      I do own a mobile phone, a flip one, with big buttons! Hate touch screens. Or rather they hate me :-)

    3. :) I think you're right. Story-telling might look a little different than before but it will be revived.

      The family keeps telling me they are going to get me a phone('cause what if they want what they want exactly how and when they want it and I'm not home!!;-)lol

      I reassure them for a woman that is home most of the time I simply don't see the need for one at this stage. Besides, I like to know they can solve a dilemma if the need arises...or heaven-forbid,they must simply wait:) yes, I'm an ancient being in a middle-ancient body.

      Now I want to post the optimistic take on technology 'cause we never would have 'met' (all of us here) in cyber-space, without it!

  2. Because of reading this, I believe that I will spend more time myself listening to your earth's tongues chattering. So much to do indoors that I don't go out as much as I should.

    1. :) it's nice to do a bit of both isn't it? That being said, I'd like to dash out for a quick walk before dark!


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