Saturday, March 28, 2015

Where Verge and Dirge Merge...

 Thinking of/praying for the Tippett family today as they hold a memorial service for Kara.

In this fast-forward arrangement of hours
No one can see the full bloom its bud holds
Even in gathering fistfuls of flowers
Verge and dirge merge where a lifetime unfolds

Silhouette-sketches etched on yon horizon
Presses new pages to sunrise-sunset
Stunning the wanderer pausing to listen
Hello and farewell, fine-tuned minuet

Time never seems at a loss for fresh kisses
It never dulls its greeting of Today
…soon unknown is that which thought reminisces
Fresh-planted memories on life’s pathway

Come, before Nevermore rushes, a breaker
Over this seemingly ongoing Thing
Time, at the mercy of Giver and Taker
Ceases by one Awesome cutting of string

© Janet Martin

Time is a garden on the threshold of Forever...

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