Monday, March 2, 2015

Bravely Facing Forward

So much we never mention
So much we never say
But turn our faces to the grace
Of what remains; today

Futile to battle vainly
What we can never rule
Time is a staid tick-tock, tick-tock
And life its little school

Experience shapes wonder
Lest, God forbid, we’re blind
To beauty’s fullness; consummate
Of heart and soul and mind

Years forge far more than history
Pray we do not disdain
The Hand that renders for our good
What cannot be again

The power of a moment
Can steal one’s breath away
We turn our faces forward to
Embrace its grace; today

© Janet Martin

women's wisdom-words inspire
another to keep on keeping on. 
Love is a wow-some labyrinth 
of invisible stepping-stones
laid down by those who've been there,
sharing what they've come to know
taking their place in the current of
life's ever-forward flow
© Janet Martin


  1. Janet, blogging can indeed be an amazing world. When you commented on my post I thought you were one of the other two Jan's I visit and since I had visited them yesterday I almost didn't click on your name. But I did, just to be sure, and eventually found you here at Another Porch.

    I read your poetry line by line, thinking that it was God-sent for me today--"God forbid we're blind to beauty's fulness", and thinking Oh, yes, I must be sure to embrace the grace of today, when I scrolled down further and there was Nib's End mentioned--the consummate wordsmith--and then to see Dewena's Window, a shock, a joy, "a wow-some labyrinth" of a blog introduction indeed.

    I don't know why I'm so flabbergasted; it's not as if I hadn't seen God bring joyful surprises many times, but I am so grateful for this one, this morning.

    It's so very nice to meet you, Janet. I've put you on my blog roll so I will meet you again.

    God bless,

    1. Dewena, thank-you so much for your kind thoughts because I am sure I was meant to read your post today. I've read your posts and comments before and I wanted you to know how much I appreciate them. they are always filled with wisdom and beauty!
      God bless you.


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