Monday, March 16, 2015

Almost Homesick, or Something Like It...

 While sitting in the pick-up this morning at hubby's work waiting...a lo-o-o-o-g time;) for this and that to be sorted out before I could bring his pick-up back home (we need it at the end of the week because Rob and Emily are moving into their first own home!!!:) my heart wrangled with holding-letting-go and missing Mel though she reassured me she is happy...for the most part.( Isn't that most of us? happy, for the most part?)

Sometimes her heart dangles
And wrangles
And twists
For Something
That no longer exists

Sometimes she returns
To feel
The old familiar
Now strange
And surreal

Sometimes the hunger
For younger
Keens a
Sweet sorrow
For Yester-home

© Janet Martin

‘Sometimes my friends ask me if I get homesick’, my daughter told me when she was home for the week-end, and I tell them ‘sometimes I am, and then I come home to realize my homesickness is for a time that no longer exists’... that Home, though it is still home, feels different than it did when she was younger.
I did not reply for the tears in my throat. ‘Welcome to the rest of your life, ’I wanted to cry, but I know she knows it already…a little. Nothing stays the same for long.

Tomorrow Today will be yesterday. 
Pray we hear sweet echoes.

As I finished posting this Ann Voskamps's post came up and I realized afresh, we're all in this together; a fine-mingling of hurt, happiness and hope.


  1. Yes dear sis we are ...lump in my throat:)
    I hear it in my daughter's voice too when she calls home.....
    and I wish I could ease it somehow...

  2. :0 so much learning going on that isn't at school, or at least, college. Seems we never out-grow the school of life! Melissa wants to get in touch with Katrina real soon!


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