Wednesday, March 4, 2015

When Winter Wends Its Way...

When winter wends its way at last
To sleep in pasture-lands of Past
When morning is a teddy-bear
With honey-sparkles in its hair
Then we will say, giddy and glad
That winter was not all that bad

When winter wends its way to where
It cannot reach from here to there
But fades into far yonder blue
Then earth, a brown and tattered shoe
Is polished by the silver strain
Of melting snow and pelting rain

When winter wends its way into
The book of Bygone, then we-two
So lark-happy in heart and soul
Will take a leisure country-stroll
To marvel how, where white had been
Earth’s easy-chair is velvet-green

When winter wends its way to bed
Too tired out to spout its dread
Then soon wild hyacinth will spill
To dot the plot of nook and hill
And every brook, set free, will sing
When winter wends its way…to spring

© Janet Martin

Yesterday they (the weather-people;) fore-casted our Spring Outlook...

Tuesday, March 3, 2015, 8:21 PM - 

Most Canadians can expect the weather to feel familiar this spring, as the trends that have prevailed over the winter are forecast to persist through March and beyond, according to The Weather Network’s 2015 Spring Outlook revealed March 3.
"Spring is going to come," chief meteorologist Chris Scott said of this long-range forecast for March, April and May. "It’s just going to be a bit delayed across the East."
The spring-like weather is due to start later for most, and remain colder than usual.
"What’s happened is a big part of what’s to come," he said. “March is a winter month."


  1. I love everything about this poem, particularly, 'earths easy chair is velvet green'.

    1. Sara,
      thank-you so much. this is my favorite kind of poem to write and I appreciate the words of affirmation and appreciation. hugs:-)


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