Monday, March 30, 2015

Of Unromantic Mondays Mornings...

 ...from Shirley, by Charlotte Brontë

I had to think of this line; 'something as unromantic as a Monday morning' as I purveyed week-end aftermath...

How little we full know
Of what we think we do
Though hindsight may perhaps bestow
A broader point of view

We cannot truly tell
What sighs beneath the skin
Of Monday morning fare-thee-well
Until we meet again

…and though we think we stand
Where we have stood before
As Monday reaches out her hand
And draws ajar her door

...and though we recognize
The vintage in her flask
And even if we shut our eyes
We could perform her task

Still, Time’s week-to-week path
As by God’s grace we go
Is strewn with tell-tale aftermath
Of how little we know
...yet,of one thing I'm sure
Though Unknown weighs time’s table

© Janet Martin

It was a busy, Maple-flavored week-end... where we enjoyed lots of treats!

from the Elmira Maple Syrup Festival...frigid temperatures did not deter the crowds.

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