Sunday, March 8, 2015

Of Memory-shapes

These are the days by which years disappear
Breath-breadth battalion tick-tocks commandeer
Through blue-eyed summers and winter-white-scapes
Fixed panorama of memory shapes

Past-soldered bastion, how doth thy hold swell?
Ever the ingress of moment-farewell
No thief can enter nor trespasser stray
Where life-lost legions wisp-whisper away

Good-night, good-morning and good-afternoon
Girls become women somehow in this tune
While women wonder just how it can be
Time turns its pages so inaudibly

Break my heart gently, oh traitor, be kind
Help me to love without fearing good-bye
For none can still the hand clocks commandeer
Shaping the hour soft-shaping a year

© Janet Martin

We had a long good-night hug, Victoria and I because its our last hug while she's thirteen. When she wakes up she will be fourteen.


  1. This is so beautiful--the alliteration, rhyme and intent. Happy birthday to your girl!

  2. A wonderful poem, Janet. I'm going through this now, this "wondering just how it can be" - my girl turned fourteen in January.

    Happy birthday to Victoria. Hope you have a very special day.

    1. Is it all the more so with our 'baby':-) ?

      and thank-you. It is sure to be a great day...just heading out the door to see her first performance of Anne in Anne of Green Gables!

    2. It really is.. And it's at this age in particular, it seems, that time just accelerates - there's a visible change in them almost daily.

      How wonderful that Victoria's performance falls on her birthday! Enjoy :-)

    3. We enjoyed:)...back home:) and yes,I agree!! I was thinking as the curtain rose and fell...this is life; its scenes ever-changing until the final curtain-fall.

  3. Aaaaaaaaa...tissue..:)
    Tender, touching, true...
    Happy Birthday Victoria.

  4. I'd give you a tissue but I'm all out;-)


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