Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Indescribable Gift

On Sunday our pastor challenged us to ponder how the impact of Saving Grace affects our worldview, or does it? So I have been pondering grace, challenged then, by the way I respond to life...oh, oh, how I need grace! but because of grace I am not a lost cause. Hallelujah!

Patience is the off-spring of grace applied.
Forgiveness is grace-in-motion.
God's grace disciplines to refine, not reject!
Until we begin to glimpse the gift of grace we have received, it is hard to be truly gracious to others.
Grace is the gift that grants eternal Pardon removing the right to hold a grudge or judge.
Grace is a Potter reshaping life and death.

As we begin to grasp the fullness
Of what 'Saved by Grace' entails
Life becomes a walk of worship
To the One who never fails

As we begin to glimpse the greatness
Of a gift we cannot earn
Life becomes a precious offering
Merited by Grace alone

As we begin to grip the garment
Life becomes a humble wearing
of the Grace whereby we go


God's endless grace ought to compel in us an endless expression of endless awe!

 Thanks be to God for his indescribable gift! 2 Cor.9:15

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