Monday, March 9, 2015

Where Does Time Go?

I hear people ask often, 'where does time go?!' No one seems to know...
The little fellow above that dashed through the door on NewYear's Eve is over a couple months old already! (I always look for this guy's cartoons in our local paper;)

Different Strokes; different folks. Phoenix Rising continues its look at I tried to incorporate internal, slant, near and perfect rhyme into this piece.

Where do you go, oh ether flow of gripping gossamer
The fabric of your free-fall fills us all with awe, kind sir
To touch you is like clutching at the shadow of a tree
Your essence undeniable, your presence none can see

The kiss of you can turn the hue of raven tress to gray
You tip your hat as That-and-This is sealed in Yesterday
Yet in your deft dispersal no rehearsal or rebuff
Can ever full prepare us for the farewell of you, love

Where, as you pass through our glass, is your ageless repose?
The resting place of moment-grace nobody truly knows
Its ilk of silk can bilk the heart until quite unaware
We earn the slow-burn of your hard-learned no-return Affair

Where do you go, kind sir and tell me then, why do you haste?
As seasons smile, still all the while you rile our Touch and Taste
With what we know we cannot slow; your sheer and sure demise
Veils hurricanes where lifetimes wane before our very eyes

© Janet Martin

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