Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Reason Versus Feeling...

 “Natural affection only, of all my sentiments, has permanent power over me. Reason, and not Feeling, is my guide…”  Mr. St. John in the book Jane Eyre

Reason reprimands my want
Feeling vexes Reason
Thought, caught in between the taunt
Of goodness and treason

What I should, Reason would do
But bold interjection
Swaddles Feeling with excuse
And hand-foot objection

Nature’s law is kind because
It caters to Feeling
Reason causes us to pause
To sounder appealing

Feeling is a flighty wind
Never out of season
On one hand its change of mind
But on the other, Reason

Sometimes Reason tests me sore
In life’s wheeling-dealing
A vexatious tug-of-war
With the roar of Feeling

But to Reason without Feeling
Were bloodless affection
Let the two then mingle keenly
Rendering me human

© Janet Martin

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