Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Ephemeral More

Gold-crowned, Time’s gifted grace
From outer-regions beams
And pours in dazzling streams
Through night’s ebony space

Heaven’s laughing ‘hello’
Highlights earth’s beveled sweep
Where we wade, mercy-deep
Into time’s forward flow

…in search of who-can-say
What dusk will testify
Where dawn is flinging wide
The doorway to Today

Time’s thread of gossamer
Spins soft with ether gold
The New across the old
Familiar Stranger

Its smooth-faced sea conceals
The imminence of Past
A tableau ever-cast
On Bygone’s ageless reels

…where God's gold-gilded grace
Extends by moment-score
Man’s ephemeral More
To kiss each up-turned face

© Janet Martin

I'm curious to see if dusk will testify of a few finished projects...namely a desk I am working on for Victoria's freshly painted room!


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