Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Hope Claps or Of First-Spring

This lapse twixt bud and bloom
In first-spring’s waiting-room
Where we anticipate the gate
Entwined with petal-plume
Inspires, not the mood
Of last-storms as they brood
But births the lilt of flowered kilt
In halls of hope renewed

This stance of ‘someday soon’
Of polished Brigadoon
Of ‘then’ and ‘when’ and ‘once again’
Dripping from yonder spoon
Evokes a pretty prose
Unfolding like a rose
In gardens where we stand and stare
At how lovely it grows

And though the wind is gray
Raw-tongued with winter’s fray
We, undeterred are sure we heard
A robin yesterday
And in this little lapse
Before nature’s climax
As first-spring waits at budded gates
Hearts dream and sing; hope claps

© Janet Martin

Don't you find your thought and conversation peppered with 'when', 'then' and so forth as we plan gardens, picnics and other pleasantries?

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