Tuesday, March 17, 2015

To Where We Never Part

Inspired by the post and comments of Momentary Tears

'God bless and keep',
For though we weep,
We do not weep in vain.
This parting kiss
The catalyst
To where we meet again

We cannot pry
The ‘what’ or ‘why’
From Mercy’s nail-scarred Hands
This weeping dust
Must meekly trust
In He who understands

…and then one day
He’ll wipe away
These tears that rend the heart
Death’s bitter dread
A stair we tread
To where we never part

© Janet Martin


  1. Hi Janet,

    So lovely to meet you! How wonderful of my sweet friend, Dewena to arrange it!

    Your poem is beautifully gripping, and so very true. You might be interested in a poetry meme called Poetry Pantry on the blog Poet's United. Every Sunday, their readers link up a poem of theirs, while they make their rounds exploring others. All their weekly memes and series are on the left. Have a look, if you like. Here's the site:


    Well, my fellow Canadian, hope to keep in touch!

    Have a wonderful Wednesday!


    1. Hi Poppy, thank-you so much for reminding me of Poet's United. I'll check them out again. It's been years since I linked a poem there!

      It is nice to meet fellow-Canadians on far-off shores! Greece sounds super-grand!


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