Monday, December 29, 2014

To Ivory Cages

Creative Bloomings is asking for our Holiday Memories poems today... this is not one memory but all of them...

You are packaged, not in paper
Tied but not with beaming bow
Heart-strings bind with sacred languor
What is but a memory now

You are held but not in fingers
Love preserves life’s dearest part
Where its memory-kisses linger
Deep within, against the heart

Ah, the mind can be a palace
Beggars can be rich as kings
As thought fills its bulging pockets
With the memories love brings

Never mind time’s turning pages
Every day comes but to fade
Through our skin to ivory cages
Filled with memories we’ve made

© Janet Martin


  1. (Aw just lost my post). Janet, your last stanza just wrapped itself around me. I lost my dad on December 14th, and this just hit home. Writing has been a struggle. I did write quite a bit last night, but it will just get tucked away. Hoping your holidays have been wonderful. Happy New Year!

    1. Oh Monica, I hope you feel my hugs and prayers. This poem was sparked by thinking/praying for those who had a hard Christmas season. Praying 2015 will be a year of hope and healing(())


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