Thursday, December 4, 2014

Our Christmas Song

(Today, a re-post of hope that never grows old!)

Hail the fruit of Mary’s womb
In joyous celebration
Hail the Victor of death’s tomb
And hope of every nation
For this is Jesus Christ, God’s Son
He gives to us our Christmas song

Hail, the hand that held the nails
So we may be forgiven
Hail, His love that never fails
Sealing our hope in Heaven
Come gather ‘round on bended knee
Hail, Jesus Christ who sets men free

Hail, hail the Seed of mystery
Born to the Virgin Mary
For Christ put on mortality
And suffered even Calva’ry
Lift up your heart and raise your voice
Mankind has reason to rejoice

Hail the King on Heaven’s throne
The Babe whom angels heralded
Hail He who passed through Caesar’s stone
Where roman soldiers guarded
Hail Jesus Christ, God’s precious Son
He gives to all a Christmas song

He gives to all a song of hope
Hark to love’s sacred story
Jesus, ev'ry sinner’s scapegoat
And redemption’s glory
He gives to all a song of joy,
Peace and goodwill forever
Hail Bethlehem’s dear baby boy
Hail Jesus, death's Deliverer

© Janet Martin

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