Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Of Life's Simple Things

 A collage of simple-thing blessings in my right-here-right-now: autumn snagged on the carpet, foot-prints in the snow, birdies at the feeder, dripping tap means running water,ice-ensconced buds,winter-laced trees,lotsa laundry means busy blessing of family...
How many ‘simple-thing-blessings’ surprise you right where you are!?

Ah, patriarch of beauty
What joy your bearing brings
You kiss dullness of duty's face
With this; life’s simple things

Oh, stranger to vain-glory
You tip the jars of grace
And trim the barren winter tree
With threads of gilded lace

The gavel of your judgement
Is never harsh or hard
You drench new dawn with light of day
And pin the dusk with stars

Your moments none can gather
Or ever quite appease
And yet they fill life’s larder, love
With tender memories

The memories we garner
Are woven with the strings
Falling from mercy’s fingertips
In gentle, simple things

…of twinkle spilled in laughter
Of crinkled, autumn tress
Of snowflake sprinkled from a sky
Foreign to ugliness

…of silver-studded sorrows
Of beggar-blooded joys
Of hope in each tomorrow, love
Where God His will employs

Oh, patriarch of beauty
On time’s four-season wings
You cheer our humble here-and-now
With this; life’s simple things

© Janet Martin

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