Thursday, December 4, 2014

Midnight Origami

The clock strikes twelve and folds away
What was today to yesterday
Oh, mystical origami
Where moments meld their filigree
And from tomorrow’s ether springs  
A new today unfolds its wings

The spending spree of ticking clocks
Does not buy time, but spills and locks
In mutual air, present to past
Surprising us with shadows cast
Along the bustling boulevard
Where dusk is like an old postcard

…and we with fingers clenched can’t keep
Today from history’s vast deep
Nor bar chimera's thoroughfare
Where a world of tomorrows stare
Like strangers through a frosted glass
Waiting their turn to come, to pass

…through midnight’s arc where yesterday
Steals and seals one more day away
While tomorrow becomes Today
There should be a great trembling sway
To think the ages shift, but no
Time spills its gift like

© Janet Martin


  1. Janet ~ beautiful as ever! You had me at your photo and quote, of course. Makes me think of New Year's Eve, and all the attention paid to the passing of time and midnight... I think of you often, and hope you and your family are well :)

  2. Life is busy but yes, we are well! I often think of you too and wish you the best. Thank-you for your visit and I hope to travel through blog-land to do some visiting soon...soon...


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