Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Of Picture-laden Streams...

Sometimes I think I’d like to save the thought of you where blue and gold
Drip heedlessly twixt me and you on our way to growing old
But thought has a mind of its own refusing oft, to quite adhere
To commands whispered where the tone of moments croon and commandeer

These moments fill the gap that grows where that last yesterday we spent
Is covered ‘neath a hundred snows or more and it seems time is bent
On kissing, pressing other places, faces where once you and I
Were not so old and full of moments poured from pitchers in the sky

Sometimes, in the sudden quiet aftermath of push and shove
I remember; you and I slip from resolve’s cold, olden glove
Long enough to keep the picture that would fade away, I fear
While I saved it where new moments press and push and pioneer

We, for a lifetime of moments cannot relive even one
Seasons have a way reaching over all we’ve said and done
And the rush of tides beneath us keeps us on our toes, it seems
Where thought flounders in the free-fall of new picture-laden streams

© Janet Martin

gotta go. time to tidy today's 'picture-streams';-)

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