Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Want of Her

The gate that softly swung across the dominion of day
Unlatches; commoners and kings run eyes across the sky
Where possibility and all those things for which we pray
Ignite oceans above us and the candle in our eye
Though racist tongues still clamor and thought-hunger spills its ache
And old years fold and disappear in night-day give and take
Horizons stir; the want of Her in all her untouched form
Delivers us from yesterday and takes eons by storm

She does not pick and choose and no one can refuse Her hand
Already dream and duty brim with opportunity
As we slip into shoes that daylight sets upon time’s sand
And watch the nothingness of dark dissolve on heaven’s lea
The loveliness of Her is always more than we deserve
She drapes Her gown from the Unknown to every care-worn curve
Horizons yawn; the want of Her and all her untried ways
Beckon as we slip from a shroud of thread-bare yesterdays

Ah, we have never met or held Her quite like this before
The beauty of Her bearing stuns with kind simplicity
For she does not withhold from anyone Her open door
But welcomes us to laugh, love, weep in Her fullest decree
Because, what options have we but to bow beneath Her rod?
She is the off-spring not of science but of Holy God
Horizons smile; the want of Her no barrier can stay
…she fills up-lifted cups with grace as she becomes Today

© Janet Martin

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