Friday, December 26, 2014

Postlude...that's what the day after Christmas feels like

The day that long we waited for
Has all its moments drained
Its farewells waved from every door
Its mist-kissed pictures framed
Time’s glass has tipped to memory
The hours dripped into a sea
Where present slipped to history
Forevermore engrained

The afternoon that we supposed
Has wandered down a path
To join a coterie enclosed  
In living’s aftermath
The bantering bestowal of
Wee smattering of live, laugh, love
Has poured into that treasured trove
Of past’s insistent clasp

Its touch and taste has turned to naught
But echoes on a breeze
Its have and hold returned to thought
And love-wrought memories
For all our have-and-hold will be
For good or ill, soon reverie
And every Now brushed brazenly
Into Bygone with ease

Touch tenderly Time’s gifted Now
And do not miss its worth
Soon, soon its bitty bloom will blow
Beyond our grasping girth
For none can bend or change the laws
Of how what is becomes what was
So we should live full-well because
No day re-plays its birth

Fond yester-platters are licked clean
Its rose stripped of romance
Tomorrow’s yesterday is keen
With grace and second-chance
Before forevermore appeals
Without apology and seals
Time’s moment-more to ageless reels
Where thought returns to dance

© Janet Martin

We spent Christmas day on the 'home farm' where my husband grew up and where his brother now farms. I hope to bring you pictures from that farm in the coming is so beautiful and I've never taken my camera there, until yesterday; I snatched a few photos in the lane...


  1. I enjoyed the glimpses of your Christmas in the collage. How nice to spend it at a farm in the country. I've been reading your wonderful poems over the past week although not commenting. Thank you for your gift of writing. Blessings. Pam

    1. It always passes so quickly. We've spent Christmas at the farm as long as our kids can remember...the gift exchange is done at our house before we leave then we go to the farm for lots of food and laughter etc...thank-you for your encouragement and interest. I am so happy we met in this past year! God bless you and yours in the year ahead.


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