Wednesday, December 10, 2014

December's Wooing Air

The air that sharper falls on barren hill
Still woos, though not as zephyr on the slope
That faces south with flowers in its mouth
December’s air wears a far fairer hope
And turns the looking eye beyond the hills
Like shepherds gazing upward at a star
We, wooed by seraph-song and happy throng
Hurry it seems, to where the children are

Stars sparkle in the flakes of snow that soft
Aloft upon the wooing barren limb
They light the eyes of children, ah the skies
Have lent their angels to extol hope’s hymn
Where earth hungers for childlike faith and joy
Of girl and boy not hampered by fear, grim
But wooed by the amazing Christ-child King
We, with the children too are wooed by Him

Ah, Heaven’s Darling woos the hearts of we
Who, eager for True Hope to light our way
Are seeking like Magi, a King on high
So we may come to worship Him like they
With gifts of gratitude and humble awe
To think that heaven’s best should come to us
And put on flesh to woo us from dark Death
By dying on a Cross as did, Jesus

…and thus, the air that falls this time of year
Though stripped of summer-dappled jubilee
Woos with a Voice that bids the heart rejoice
With hope greater than bud-bloom filigree
…December’s air woos where the children laugh
And delight spills like sunbeams or star-dust
To older hearts where peace its joy imparts
And heaven woos us once again…to trust

© Janet Martin

Come, 'tis the season for celebration! Last night we attended Victoria's School Christmas concert; This always ignites delight; the choir of beaming faces and pure, young voices cannot help but woo us to the manger!

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