Tuesday, December 9, 2014

...To Come Home to

When night curls close to every window
Filling the firmament with deep-deepest blue
When it washes over daylight, a sea, quiet
I’m glad I have you to come home to

The dark ink of twilight writes ‘good-night’ on pages
We scribbled with delight and defeat
Its waves lap soft through tree-lines and soul-spaces
Jarring reality, bittersweet

Thought turns to simple and profound desire
Utterly glad for the blessing of you
Who needs more than a humble home-fire
And the touch of loved ones to come home to?

© Janet Martin

Last evening suddenly something came up and I needed to go out for a while. On returning home as I saw a family member through the window my heart lurched with gladness for someone to come home to, and sadness for those alone with nowhere to call home...

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